Andy Ritchie (USGS) observations from Santa Cruz Harbor

Some docks and boats were torn off well before the high amplitude short period waves came through at around 11:13 & 11:18. On the second strong ebb a sinking vessel struck the O’Neill catamaran’s port pontoon. From what I understand, it had been tied up at the end of a dock section, and was torn loose and capsized. Probably on the first wave. 

By the third wave, there were three loose boats and several dock sections going back and forth in the harbor, and also before the high-amplitude waves, a portion of the rowing boat dock was ripped free and a sailboat was ripped loose and wedged under the bridge from the inland side until the subsequent surge (I was on the oceanward side of the Murray St. Bridge).
Clearly those waves did some damage, but there was plenty of energy (and damage) before they came through.

I have minimal video/pictures, since I was taking measurements the entire time, but there were several hundred people and a couple helicopters that got good film of the whole shebang, so I imagine that you can get a clear picture of when and where the damage occurred if somebody’s willing to compile all of that. Probably would be useful to talk to the chopper folks. I think at least one of them got the whole thing.
Last night I dreamed I was helping to build a tsunami gate for Santa Cruz harbor 🙂