Damage estimates for Crescent City provided by Lori Dengler

I spoke to Rich Young the Harbor Master at Crescent City.  He estimated 25 boats had left the harbor.  A handful came back in around 6 pm because they didn’t have enough fuel to get to Humboldt.  They are anchored on the south side of the main harbor.  You can see the new Humboldt fleet at the Woodley Island Marina.  It’s great that so many folks were able to safely get out and save their life’s work and resources.

We heard these estimates word of mouth and on radio:

~ 10 boats capsized and sank in the basin
~ 100 boats left the harbor before the tsunami approached the shore (I don’t know how many slips were available to begin with, but there aren’t many docks and only ~12-15 intact vessels in CC boat basin right now)
~ (radio) HumBay Harbor Commissioner Mike Wilson said he expected 40 vessels headed towards Humboldt Bay from Crescent City; other potential ports are Brookings and Coos Bay to the North.