2014 Cascadia Earthquake and Tsunami Exercise Series

The functional exercise was held on May 14, 2014. On the basis of our two successful technology demonstrations in October, FEMA, OES and the California National Guard (CAANG) joined us in sharing information for the Cascadia exercise (CSZ) employing the XchangeCore technology. We employed XchangeCore middleware to connect a number of different applications, including Web EOC, NICS and SpotOnResponse, as well as ArcGIS online and Google Earth viewers.   A simplified diagram that shows two-way information sharing between FEMA-OES-CAANG-Clearinghouse can be downloaded here: Interoperability-Design.

To learn more about this Emergency Response Spatial Tools Technical Interchange here: https://californiaeqclearinghouse.org/ai1ec_event/emergency-response-spatial-tools-technical-interchange/?instance_id=38.