2015 National Level and California Capstone Exercise

 The California Earthquake Clearinghouse participated in the 2015 National Level Exercise (NLE) that used the ShakeOut Scenario of a M7.8 earthquake on the Southern San Andreas Fault.

The California Earthquake Clearinghouse used the 2015 NLE as an operational exercise to foster inter-agency data collection and collaboration among Clearinghouse partners, with an ultimate goal of developing an information collection plan for earthquakes.

While the National Level Exercise focused on the southern California region, the Clearinghouse defined a much smaller area of interest in the Cajon Pass Area as shown below.

As part of this exercise, Clearinghouse partners submitted requests for information based on their own organization’s needs using the Collection Deck Template. Collection Decks from all organizations were then compiled and each organization had an opportunity to discuss their collection deck with all participating organizations. This process provided a better understanding of how different organizations collect and use data and how this data can be fed into the Essential Elements of Information used by emergency managers.

For more information about the exercise is available in the After Action Report / Improvement Plan.