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Preliminary damage estimates

These are very preliminary…and may already be out of date:
–  Crescent City Harbor and 35 boats destroyed; estimates of $20-30M (preliminary) in damages.
–  One person swept out to sea; casualty at mouth of Klamath River.
–  Noyo Harbor (Fort Bragg): 400 ft pier and 2 boats damaged
–  Berkeley Marina – boats and docks damaged; $50k
–  Santa Cruz Harbor: 20 boats sunk, 100 damaged; preliminary $17M
–  Morro Bay: damage to boats and docks 
–  Ventura Harbor: damage to several boats and a dock (8-10 hours after first wave arrival)
–  Redondo Beach Harbor:  large boat sunk
–  Catalina:  LA Times “…swells toppled about 10 boats and loosened pier moorings..”