Data Collection

It is a priority of the Clearinghouse to use technology to aid in the collection and distribution of important information after an earthquake in California.

Data that the Clearinghouse will collect and share after an earthquake is summarized here:

Data Sharing


The Clearinghouse is exploring the use of XchangeCore as a means of automating data sharing after an earthquake.

What is XchangeCore?

From the XchangeCore web site ( “XchangeCore is information sharing middleware for NIMS incident management that continuously receives and shares standardized data among many agencies during an incident. Your everyday application gets from XchangeCore exactly the data you need to use, visualize, process, improve, decide, and then share back through XchangeCore to keep everyone informed.”

Learn more about the Clearinghouse and XchangeCore here:


The Clearinghouse is also testing the use of SpotOnResponse, a mobile app designed to facilitate reconnaissance in the field

Data Collection

Planning exercises conducted by the Clearinghouse have tested many applications that take advantage of the latest technology available for earthquake reconnaissance data collection.