New Clearinghouse Website Under Development

A new website for the California Clearinghouse is being developed. The new site will make it easier to keep up with the Clearinghouse and facilitate conversation between members. The new site will be launched in mid-February!


Shakeout 2012 After-Action Report

The Clearinghouse ShakeOut exercise in October was a great success. For a summary, check out the after action report: https://californiaeqclearinghouse.org/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/October-2012-Clearinghouse_ShakeOut_afteraction.pdf.

Clearinghouse Featured as Subject of XchangeCore National Call

Last month, the Clearinghouse’s use of XchangeCore as part of its May Golden Guardian Exercise was the subject of a bi-weekly national call of XchangeCore users. View the presentation here: http://XchangeCore.kzoplatform.com/swf/player/1299 to learn more about the use of XchangeCore in the May exercise.

About the Clearinghouse

The California Earthquake Clearinghouse is a place to coordinate earthquake field investigations and share observations and knowledge among emergency responders and the engineering and scientific communities

The California Earthquake Clearinghouse (Clearinghouse) will provide a location, real or virtual, after a damaging earthquake, where engineers, geologists, seismologists, sociologists, economists, and other professionals who arrive in the affected area can become part of a larger, temporary organization (the Clearinghouse) to facilitate the gathering of information, maximize its availability, and better use the talents of those present. These experts have a wide range of knowledge and experience, and their observations in the field can add substantially to the information available to officials managing response and recovery operations. This website provides information on the history and purpose of the Clearinghouse, the member organizations, recommendations for field investigation equipment, safety guidelines, and basic information on how to contribute to the clearinghouse after a California earthquake. Members of the Clearinghouse can also log in here. There are a number of groups on this site–click in the top right on GROUPS to see list. Three groups are standing committees of the clearinghouse: Overflight, Information Technology and Outreach. These committees welcome new participants. The other groups have been created to function in particular in an earthquake as a place where field investigators can quickly share information. Observations can be short descriptions, questions, comments. Posts will be visible to all members of the group. (To become a member, you need to register on this site.) Files will show up under Documents menu inside each group. PHOTOS, WITH BRIEF CAPTIONS, SHOULD BE UPLOADED DIRECTLY TO THE MAP. See map and instructions in tab in top right corner.

Click here for a fact sheet describing this program