How to Contribute

Field Investigation Tools

Click below on the links to various types of field reconnaissance forms or for the Excel photo log. The reconnaissance forms have been developed to help guide field investigations; the photo log has been developed to support the uploading of georeferenced photos with captions to EERI’s Google Maps interface.

EERI Reconnaissance Forms, by discipline

Geologic Hazards Form, for post-earthquake field investigations, developed by CGS and USGS

EERI Photo Log for Reconnaissance Observations

How to contribute observations to the Blog

After an earthquake, investigators are encouraged to post comments/observations at this site. A new page will be created for the earthquake, and investigators will be encouraged to post up observations. To post an observation or to comment on an observation it is necessary to register at this site–you can either register to the right, or you will be prompted to register if you try and make a comment. See the post called Example Earthquake at the top right of this blog.

How to contribute Raw Data

Clearinghouse participants will also be able to log in and upload files to EERI’s ftp site, organized by discipline. This is meant to be a quick and easy way to keep track of files and basic data that is not meant to be shared on the website.  Directions for how to access the ftp site will be provided at the Clearinghouse.