Photo collection and instructions

EERI currently (September 2008) links photos and captions from the field into a Google Maps system.  The photos in this system are all geo-referenced. Once the photos are in Google Maps, they can also be viewed in Google Earth. Instructions are provided at the site to do this. Work is underway to develop a more robust system that can accommodate many photos, as well as other information, coming in from many researchers at the same time.

To help you organize your photos, an Excel file has been developed to store basic information about each photo. Click here to download a copy of this file: reconnaissancephoto_log2

Instructions for filling out each field will pop up when you click in the title cells. It is important that you follow the instructions very carefully, as otherwise the photos will not be uploaded correctly in the Google Maps system.

You can give or send your photos and Excel file to EERI staff at the Clearinghouse.